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“Exchange-The-Gifts” Game

One of the activities we did with the relatives that stayed with us from out of state for Christmas, was this gift and dice game. I don’t know what it is called, but if you do, please say so in a comment below! I’m calling it “Exchange the Gifts” game.

IMG_3105 - gift game gift on table

How this game works:

First, have every family bring one gift (or more! Just make sure it’s fair so that each player has the same amount of gifts at the end of the game.) for each family member that is playing the game. The gifts can be something from the dollar aisle, such as candy or a notepad; or even five dollars worth of gifts. The price is up to the “leader” or “organizer” of the game, and can be determined on the amount of players or other notes.

NOTE! All the gifts should be wrapped or in a gift bag so that you have no idea what the gift is.

IMG_3075 - Gift game bag of gifts

Second, place all the gifts on the table so that they are visible to everyone. Watch the fun as the kids try to figure what is in everything.

IMG_3106 - gift game everyone and gifts

Third, roll two dice (or more! or less!) and hope to get a pair (Both of the dice land at the same number.). If you do, you get to pick out one gift from the pile. Go around and repeat until the gifts are all gone. If some people are more “lucky” and roll a lot of pairs, have them stop at the amount of gifts you are supposed to receive, and let the “un-lucky” people roll the dice. This is so everyone ends up with the same amount of gifts.

IMG_3103 - gift game pair dice

Now, everyone has the same amount of gifts and there are no more gifts left. But you’re not done yet! Set the timer for about five minutes (That’s the amount of time we did for about ten people. You can adjust the amount of time to the desired amount depending on your preference and how many people you have playing.) and have everyone roll the dice again, rolling for pairs. When someone does get a pair, they can exchange one of their gifts with any other player.

Once the timer is up, everyone can open up their gifts! With no more trading, some little kids may be very surprised to find what they won!

IMG_3113 - gift game the opened gifts

Thanks so much, Grandma, for supplying all of these gifts, as well as so many Christmas gifts year after year. We love you!

This game is a lot of fun, and can be played at any time of the year. Enjoy playing and tweaking it to make your own personal version of the game. Please comment below to let me know how you played the game (or what it’s called!)!