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DIY Legwarmers {from an old sweater}

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The Best Christmas Gifts of 2013: Friend’s

What did you give your friends for Christmas? I like homemade gifts. They’re given from the heart and are often made to suit the receiver’s exact taste. Here is what I gave my friends for Christmas:

I used a brown, paper lunch bag and dressed it up with Christmas stickers and ribbon. I stuffed the bag with gift tissue to make it fuller and placed the gifts in there.

 IMG_3127 - friends gift decorated bag 

After I had placed the gifts in the bag, I folded over the bag’s opening and then punctured it. Using sewing thread, I tied a handmade card to the bag.

IMG_3125 - friends gift card on bag

The gifts were . . .

. . . a gingerbread man wrapped in plastic wrap. You could also tie some ribbon to it to make it prettier.

IMG_3129 - friends gift gingerbread man

I also gave a handmade ring. Yes, I know what you’re thinking: “What?! You can make your own ring?!” The answer is “yes!”

Another girly product, I made each girl a flower clip for their hair. I made them in cutely festively Christmas colors and patterns. Each clip was clipped to a paper saying, “Deck your hair with clips of flowers.”

To finish the gift off, I made festive peppermint sugar scrub. It made the bag smell delish.

IMG_3130 - friends gift the stuff