Meatless {and fast!} Meal Ideas for Lent

How is your lent going? That first week can be hard, especially when you’ve given up those things you’re really attached to. Learning to live with out those things is such a healthy experience. It strengthens our will and sensual pleasures.

One of the penances that we are doing this lent is practicing the 1962 lenten fasting obligations. That includes a) fasting everyday during lent, excluding Sunday (i.e. one normal sized meal and two “meals” that do not total up to the being one normal meal); b) meat once a meal per day everyday, except Sundays; and c) no meat at all on both Fridays AND Wednesdays. We are going to persevere with these fastings, excluding “a” since we’re just trying to succeed with “b” and “c” for right now.

So far, the meat once a day fast has been challenging, both for the taste buds and for the minds. Ideally, we want to eat meat as a family at dinner. That being said, breakfast and lunch become a “blaw” meal. It’s not so hard with breakfast, but lunch is challenging. You can’t pack leftovers for Dad as he heads off to work because you had meat the night before. You can’t have easy ham and cheese sandwiches. Or leftovers. Or chicken salad. But, this is a part of the fasting and penance and the difficulty is turned into a joy knowing that you are taking a part, even a small part, in Christ’s sufferings in the desert.

We have become extremely creative with meatless lunches. Here is our list of favorite lunches that are both satisfying, filling, creative, and yummy:

1. Pancakes, crepes, waffles, etc.

2. Tuna

A. Tuna salad (on top of crackers, salads, eaten plain, etc.)

B. Tuna sandwiches

C. Tuna and BBQ (That’s right! And, no, it’s not a typo. This is a Duggar family recipe: some tuna and a ton of BBQ sauce to taste. Slap it on some bread, or top it on your grilled cheese sandwich. Either way, the flavor is sure to knock your socks off . . . in a good way.)

3. Eggs

A. Egg salad (on a salad, crackers, eaten plain, etc.)

B. Egg salad sandwiches

4. Potatoes!

A. French fries

B. Potato salad

5. Fiesta food

A. Warmed refried beans

B. Chips {pretzels, tortillas, too!} and the toppings . . .

a. Salsa

b. Guacamole

c. Sour cream

d. Cheese

e. Green onions

f. Jalepenos

g. Shredded lettuce

6. Mac’ & cheese (of course, this isn’t the healthy side of the menu, but homemade can make it ever more so . . . right?!)

7. Salad bar (Now it’s healthy!) and the toppings . . .

A. Nuts

B. Cheeses

C. Onions

D. Fresh vegetables

E. Tuna

F. Eggs

8. Easy stir fry

9. Meatless {obviously!} soup with bread (cornbread, wheat, etc.)

10. PB&J . . . here are some variations

A. PB & bananas

B. Jelly & cream cheese

C. PB & marshmellow cream

11. Cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches (Add a sprinkling of Italian seasoning on top of the cream cheese for a herb-y affect.)

12. Wheat berry salad

13. Taco salad (replace the meat with beans)

14. Grilled cheese (of course, with tomato soup!) and some topping ideas:

A. Different cheeses (feta, mozzerella, pepper jack, swiss, provolone, etc.)

B. Onions (Try soaking them in vinegar for ten minutes before placing them on the griddle. It’s delicious!)

C. Mayo (original, spicy, etc.)

D. Veggies (tomatoes, cooked zucchini, bell pepper, shredded lettuce, etc.)

E. Mushrooms

F. Jalepenos

G. Fiesta toppings (salsa, gaucamole, sour cream, taco seasoning, etc.)



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