My Love for Clearasil

Do you have terrible acne? Or just once-in-awhile large pimples? Whatever your problem is, I have come to save the day! This wonderful facial cleaner will clean even the nose off your face. No, let’s just hope that it’s not that good.

 IMG_2500 - Clearasil

Clearasil is a facial cleaning brand that comes both in facial pads and soap. I have tried both the pads and soap, and have to say I prefer the pads. The cleansing pads are easy to wipe over your face: a few fast wipes and you’re clean. They’re easier to use than the soap. The soap you have to get your face wet, soap up your face, cover yourself in water, etc. Who wants to get all wet right before bed anyways?

IMG_2501 - Clearasil Close-Up

I also feel that the pads clean better as well. I feel I break out with fewer pimples and other acne problems when I use the pads.
I used to have the average amount of acne as anyone else: not alot, but some. Even after using other soap brands, my acne wouldn’t go away. Finally, my mom bought these pads. They were so easy to use and, within a few days, I noticed a difference. My acne went down to hardly anything and now, to this day, gone.

This isn’t an advertisement; just a love for a product. Try it and let me know how it works for you!