{a wire} Tutorial: Rosette Ring

I never thought you could make a ring without making them with the elastic stretchy stuff. And then I discovered a cool pin on Pinterest on how to make rings with the beading wire. I tried it, and after tweaking it, I fell in love with the tutorial!

 IMG_2572 - Rose Ring Wire    

Here’s my version of the beautiful ring.

Measure your finger by wrapping the wire around it.

IMG_2573 - Rose Ring Wire Finger

Start wrapping, and wrapping!

IMG_2575 - Rose Ring Early Twist

Wrap until you have the desired size rose.

IMG_2576 - Rose Ring Done Twist

Cut the end and then tuck underneath.

IMG_2577 - Rose Ring Cut

Admire your gorgeous rose . . .

IMG_2579 - Rose Ring Finish

. . . and before you no it you’ll have made thousands of them!

IMG_2581 - Many Rose Rings

Okay, maybe not quite thousands, but definitely hundreds . . .
. . .
Okay, I’ll admit I hardly made ten. That’s VERY near thousands.

Happy New Year, everyone!