Sew It! A Two-Toned Infinity Scarf

IMG_2766 - Scarf Close Up

I love scarves. I live in scarves. I sleep in scarves. I eat scarves. No, I don’t eat scarves, but it’s not a bad idea. I might as well turn into a scarf! Where are you, Scarf Fairy?

Scarves are wonderful. They’re so wonderful, not to mention popular, that prices go from $10-$100. You hate wasting all that money just on a yard of fabric. And then the brilliant idea comes to mind to sew your own scarf. You are a genius. Know one has ever sewed one themselves before. It’s unheard of and so creative.

All right, all right, all right. Maybe sewing your own scarf isn’t as rare as I made it sound, but it is cool. After doing the math, the science, the geometry, the history, and the astronomy, I figured that scarves can be easily sewn, too.

Here’s my step-by-step guide to sewing your “two toned” infinity scarf as easy as possible. Sit back, relax, and then get back up again and start sewing!

Step #1: Measure your two fabrics (for your two-toned scarf) so that both are 22 inches in width. If you want to go “half-and-half” (half the scarf one fabric/color and half the scarf another fabric/color), the length should be 30 inches (or more) for each piece of fabric.

I wanted a more “only-two-fifths-of-the-scarf-is-different” looks so my measurements were 36 inches for one of the fabric pieces (the blue fabric), and 24″ for the other fabric (the lace). The total added up to 60 inches, obviously, (Or, at least, I hope I didn’t have to tell you that.) but I felt that it was a tad on the short side. I don’t mind, though; it’s more of a scarf that is meant for wearing without looping around your neck, but belting with. I’ve been wanting a “belting with” scarf so it worked out perfectly in the end. If you aren’t looking for a “belting with” scarf (*gasp* How dare you!), I would add an extra 5 – 10 inches depending on how long you like your scarves.

You better get to work and start deciding how long you want your scarf. This is a very serious matter you know. I’ll give you a few hours of just sitting down and thinking about it, praying about it, asking advice about it, sketching it, taking notes on it, and every other activity you do when it comes to making a serious decision.

 IMG_2748 - Sew Scarf Supplies       

Step #2: Five hours later, you’ve finally decided how long you want your scarf. One side of fabric is going to be exactly 26.32798522 inches. The other is going to be 33.58632502 inches. And you don’t even know if that adds up to exactly 60 inches. I’ll give you another five hours.
Cut your scarf according to how long you’ve decided and lay one scarf ontop of the other so that they line up vertically.

IMG_2750 - Sew Scarf Line lace

Pin the ends where they meet in place . . .

IMG_2752 - Sew Scarf pins lace

. . . and sew the two ends together as close as possible.

IMG_2755 - Sew Scarf Sewing machine

Step #3: So that the hem is facing the outside . . .

IMG_2760 - Sew Scarf Hanging bed

. . . fold the now-sewn-together and once-were-apart fabric pieces in half vertically. Pin in place and then sew together. Flip inside out when sewn so that it is now the right side out.

Step #4: Trim the edges of each of the ends of the scarf so that there is no excess fabric. You want to get super close to the edge of the fabric when sewing at this part. This hem will be visible but, if you sew close enough to the edge, it will be hardly noticeable.

IMG_2763 - Sew scarf trim excess

Take the two ends of your fabric and line them together as close, and accurate, as possible. Pin in place. Sew at the sewing machine carefully, gently, and extremely close to the edge.

IMG_2762 - Sew Scarf last sew
Step #5: Run your finger down the fabric in a horizontal line at exactly 35 degrees so that you may reach the magnitude of the desired temperature of the longitude at which you are standing.

Just kidding.
. . .
I said I was kidding. You’re done!

Oh, good! You’re still friends with me. You looked as though you were going to give me a black eye there for a moment.

So enjoy dreaming up different ways to wear your gorgeous, well-done scarf.

Whether it’s looped around your neck . . .

IMG_2768 - Scarf and clothes

. . . or given that perfect touch with a belt, be creative with your infinity scarf and beyond!

IMG_2773 - Scarf an belt

Get it? Infinity scarf and beyond? To infinity and beyond?
. . .
I was kidding.