The Best Christmas Gifts of 2013: Friend’s

What did you give your friends for Christmas? I like homemade gifts. They’re given from the heart and are often made to suit the receiver’s exact taste. Here is what I gave my friends for Christmas:

I used a brown, paper lunch bag and dressed it up with Christmas stickers and ribbon. I stuffed the bag with gift tissue to make it fuller and placed the gifts in there.

 IMG_3127 - friends gift decorated bag 

After I had placed the gifts in the bag, I folded over the bag’s opening and then punctured it. Using sewing thread, I tied a handmade card to the bag.

IMG_3125 - friends gift card on bag

The gifts were . . .

. . . a gingerbread man wrapped in plastic wrap. You could also tie some ribbon to it to make it prettier.

IMG_3129 - friends gift gingerbread man

I also gave a handmade ring. Yes, I know what you’re thinking: “What?! You can make your own ring?!” The answer is “yes!”

Another girly product, I made each girl a flower clip for their hair. I made them in cutely festively Christmas colors and patterns. Each clip was clipped to a paper saying, “Deck your hair with clips of flowers.”

To finish the gift off, I made festive peppermint sugar scrub. It made the bag smell delish.

IMG_3130 - friends gift the stuff

The Best Gifts of Christmas 2013: Adults

The other day, I made a post on the best kid’s gifts of 2013. Now I am about to give you the best adult-ish to teenage-ish gifts of 2013. These are some great gifts. Be prepared to love me . . . I mean, be prepared to love me for giving you these great, highly-recommended gifts . . . On second thought, let’s just say you need to be prepared to love these gift ideas, not me at all. There, all fixed.

This soap from Bath & Body Works is wonderful. Pear is my favorite, but it’s not my favorite . . . as in, not my favorite part about the soap. I love the container! It’s in a “Mason” jar! Could it get any cuter? No, not for a farmer. It totally re-did our bathroom. We have people coming in and saying, “Did you paint? Get a new sink?” We just reply saying, “No, it’s the soap.” It’ll do miracles. Put it in your bathroom and watch the exciting and magical bubbles happen.

IMG_3057 - CM gift 13 soap

Here’s another great B&BW gift: a set of the mini’s (one body lotion, one body splash, and one body soap). Place them all in a cute little box or gift tin and you’re good to go! This cute box is from Walmart.

IMG_3118 - gift game B&BW + box

Of course, how could a gift of soap be complete without a memory foam bath mat to go with it? These bath mats are the bomb, actually they are the cloud to your toes. Super soft and very pretty, we love these things. We love that every sense is being satisfied as we wash our hands – our eyes are adoring the mat, our nose is loving the pear smell, our toes have their heads in the clouds. Just don’t eat the soap, the bath mat, or anything else lovely in your bathroom. Your taste buds will not thank you.

IMG_3016 - bath mats

I got this notebook from Ana at Sixty Second Street for christmas, but it can be given anytime of the year. I love the zip-lock pocket/book covering. It’s revolutionary! I stick my memory reminders in it, my pens, my stickers. It’s work great! I love it. Thanks a billion, Ana!

IMG_3131 - CM Gifts 2013 smash + notebook

IMG_3132 - CM gifts 2013 notebook opening

Clothes are another great gift giving idea. They can be tricky, though, with the thought of size, fit, and taste. This route should only be traveled down if you know the person well. If you do succeed, you could really please the gift receiver.

TIP: Just make sure you know the person’s size. It could be very embarrasing and humiliating, for you and the receiver, if you buy the person a size too big. Just in case, make sure to include a gift receipt if it either doesn’t fit the person or if they don’t like it.

For Christmas, I got a matching outfit of a shirt, scarf, and socks. It was a great gift, and I love the scarf! Scarves make a great gift: very rarely will you fail with gifting them. Buy a neutral scarf if you’re stuck, or one with patterns and colors that you see the person often wear.

IMG_3042 - CM gift 13 shirt + scarf

Pajamas are always in demand in anyone’s wardrobe. For me, you can never have too many pajamas. You always have the coolest, warmest; comfiest, doesn’t fit right; too small, too big. Buy a comfy robe to go with a pair of cooler PJs and you have the perfect gift.

IMG_3039 - CM gift 13 PJs

You want to see another behind the scenes?

Or, are you still recovering for the shock of the last post’s horror?

Well, this isn’t nearly as bad as yesterday.

IMG_3049 - boxez galore

We’ve got the boxes. No, I mean we’ve got THE boxes.

Oh, and that bag in the background is all wrapping paper. Yep.

My Love for Clearasil

Do you have terrible acne? Or just once-in-awhile large pimples? Whatever your problem is, I have come to save the day! This wonderful facial cleaner will clean even the nose off your face. No, let’s just hope that it’s not that good.

 IMG_2500 - Clearasil

Clearasil is a facial cleaning brand that comes both in facial pads and soap. I have tried both the pads and soap, and have to say I prefer the pads. The cleansing pads are easy to wipe over your face: a few fast wipes and you’re clean. They’re easier to use than the soap. The soap you have to get your face wet, soap up your face, cover yourself in water, etc. Who wants to get all wet right before bed anyways?

IMG_2501 - Clearasil Close-Up

I also feel that the pads clean better as well. I feel I break out with fewer pimples and other acne problems when I use the pads.
I used to have the average amount of acne as anyone else: not alot, but some. Even after using other soap brands, my acne wouldn’t go away. Finally, my mom bought these pads. They were so easy to use and, within a few days, I noticed a difference. My acne went down to hardly anything and now, to this day, gone.

This isn’t an advertisement; just a love for a product. Try it and let me know how it works for you!

The Best Christmas CD’s of All Time

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