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The Awesome-st Jewelry Cleaner EVER

Okay, you just get a beautiful, gorgeous ring from your grandma. You love it and wear it all the time. One day, you go and make some bread. You stick your hands into it to knead, but then you realized it’s way too sticky so you add more flour to thicken it up. You sweat; worrying that the bread won’t turn out. In the end, the bread was beautiful, if you over look the few burnt edges. All’s well; and all’s well that ends well.

But wait! The next day, you look down to find that your ring is all covered in dough! Oh no! You try to rinse it off but it’s totally lost its shine and beauty. What ever will you do? Nothing will work!

Do not fret, my precious child! I have come to save the terrible day! With this great cleaner all will be beautiful and wonderful, just as your ring once was.

So let’s save the day, make the cleaner, and stop sweating. All with the wonderful help of Anna. This wonderful girl gave me this wonderful cleaner (recipe, if you will). Check out her website at Anna at 62nd Street.

First let’s start off with the “stuff”. The “stuff”, or ingredients, include dishwasher detergent, Dawn dish soap, and vinegar (I ❤ vinegar).

IMG_2108 - Ring Cleaner The Stuff

I love the fact that there is religious art everywhere in this house! Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us!

IMG_2105 - Ring Cleaner SH

Here’s the small things: a very small cup (I use a medicine cup. Just make sure not to use it again!) and something for mixing and scrubbing with. In my case, it’s an extremely small fork.

No, I’m not going to eat this stuff, but thanks for your concern!

 IMG_2106 - Ring Cleaner Utensils

Pour in about one tablespoon of dish detergent.

IMG_2109 - Ring Cleaner Dishwasher

And try not to spill. Please don’t sold me; I was trying to take a picture and pour the detergent AND get the picture while the liquid was getting poured. I am awesome at multi tasking. (NOT)

IMG_2111 - Ring Cleaner Mess

Then pour in less than a teaspoon of vinegar.

IMG_2112 - Ring Cleaner Vinegar

And a few drops of Dawn.

IMG_2113 - Ring Cleaner Dawn

Now mix it all together. I love mixing. I try not to get too involved and excited about it.

IMG_2114 - Ring Cleaner Mix

And, of course, place the ring in! Let it soak for over three hours. About five or six is best.

IMG_2118 - Ring Cleaner Place It In

Once the ring has soaked for long enough, take the ring out.

IMG_2120 - Ring Cleaner Take Out

And rinse it.

IMG_2122 - Ring Cleaner Rinse

Now take your eensy-teensy fork and wrap a small amount of paper towel over it (Or you could just use an OLD toothbrush, just please don’t use it after and brush your teeth with bleach. Thank you.). Dip it in the solution.

IMG_2125 - Ring Cleaner Soak Towel

Dip the ring in the solution again and scrub the inside of the ring using the paper-towel-covered fork. Once you think it’s scrubbed enough, rinse the ring again.

IMG_2128 - Ring Cleaner Scrubbing

Ta-Da! Your ring (or whatever jewelry it is) is saved! You can love it forever, shiny and new!

Here are the before-and-after pics:


IMG_2116 - Ring Before Cleaner


IMG_2132 - Ring Clean

I know there doesn’t seem to be THAT big of a difference but, trust me, there is! I have had to wear sunglasses ever since my ring has been cleaned. It’s sparkly-er than it was when I first got it.

Here’s the recipe, for printing:



1 Tbs. dish detergent

1/2 – 1 tsp. vinegar

Few drops of Dawn (or other dish soap)

How To Make It All Work Properly:

1. Mix the ingredients together in a very small bowl/cup.

2. Place the jewelry (ring) in the mixture and let it soak for +3 hours.

3. Rinse the jewelry when it is done soaking. Dip it once again in the solution.

4. Using a paper-towel-covered, small fork (or toothbrush), dip the paper towel part in the solution and scrub the jewelry, especially working at the under part of it (or ring).

5. Rinse the jewelry once again and stare in awe at the shine. WARNING! May need sunglasses from this point on.

WARNING: Seriously, this stuff is poison; careful! Bleach is dangerous. It may even be a good idea to NOT pour the solution down the drain; discard it.