“smash”ing-ly fun journaling

Have you ever heard of “smash”-booking? It’s a combo of planning, journaling, scrap-booking, note-taking, doodling, and memory keeping. It’s fun, it’s fast, and it’s SMASHING! I love it.

I’ve had a journal for years and have kept up with writing in it pretty well. The only problem was that journaling seemed to become a burden rather than an enjoyment. I felt pressure to do it often as the journal laid on my book shelf. When I didn’t write in a while, I’d feel guilty, and I didn’t even know why. Maybe it’s just me. Are there any other journalers that feel guilty when they don’t write, even if they really don’t feel like it? I hope so, ’cause otherwise I’m a weirdo.

Enough about weirdos; let’s carry on! I switched over to writing in part-diary form {For those of you who don’t know the difference between a diary and a journal here it is: a journal is your daily life, whereas a diary is your thoughts.} and that made journaling more fun. And then I started adding my dreams, making lists of my favorite things, and pasting in little memory items. Before I knew it, my “journal” became more than a the literal meaning of a journal – it was a smash book!

There was one slight problem: my journal was small and perfectly square. You may be thinking, “So?! More portable.” WRONG! Your journal is too thick to fit in your purse, too heavy, too. It doesn’t have any blank pages for doodling or letting your thoughts wonder since it’s only a notebook. It doesn’t have any pockets for placing in random things. When I finally finished my old journal, I decided to create my own custom smash book. I knew all of my needs {Well, more wants.} and decided to make a perfect smash book. Here is what I did:

First take any kind of binder that appeals to you. I like to journal on big pages so that I have a lot of space for my thoughts to wonder. This is a 9×13 inch binder that I used. I liked how it was attractive and that I could continue to add extra pages as the book grows.

IMG_3569 - smash book

Somedays I feel creative, and other days I just want to get my thoughts down. Some days I want to doodle; other days I want to make a scrap-book page filled with patterned paper, stickers, and pictures. Varying my paper allows me to fulfill all of my moods. Here are the papers that I chose: blank white paper {Heavy duty is best, but thin will work}, lined notebook paper, graph paper, solid color, and patterned paper. Chalk paper is also a nice addition.

{P.S. – Choose to either organize the paper by lined, graph, etc., or mixing them all up. I like to mix them up so everyday I have something new, but it’s up to you!}

IMG_3559 - smash paper

I like these plastic page covers because they make great pockets! They’re also wet-erase marker-able. Draw all you want on them!

IMG_3570 - smash clear

IMG_3572 - smash write

Put a plastic page cover in the front of the book for extra stuff that needs to be stored, as well taking sudden notes and taping a calendar to it. It comes in handy!

IMG_3571 - Smash calendar

Put a few plastic covers in the back for holding all of your stickers and smash-book accessories in. My favorite stickers are fun images and letters.

IMG_3577 - smash sticker

{P.S. – I don’t know what is up with that scary looking man in the front of this page. He sometimes goes and sometimes disappears. Scary.}

IMG_3576 - smash sticker

Also keep a ton of Post-It Notepads that vary in size, color, lined, blank, etc.. Those come in handy a ton!

IMG_3574 - smash sticky pads

Keep a lot of sticky things nearby for gluing in all of the mementos. This is what I have: glue stick, invisible tape, Scotch tape {for writing on}, and double-sided tape squares {both thick with foam for making things 3-D and thin}.

IMG_3583 - smash tape

Here are my favorite writing utensils: paints {use all different sizes of paint brushes!}, pens {red, navy, black, and colored}, pencils {school and colored}, crayons, markers, and wet-erase markers {Make sure it’s wet erase so that only a wet wash cloth can erase it, not everything that touches it!}. Chalk, too, if you’re using chalk paper. Don’t forget stamps and an ink pad.

Copy of IMG_3580 - smash writing tools

Here are my extra smash accessories: scissors {both tiny to travel with and large}, a hole puncher {for making your papers fit in your binder}, a protractor, an eraser, and a pencil sharpener.

IMG_3578 - smash bag utensils

Finally, keep patterned paper sheets, a good magazine/catalogue/book, and some candy nearby! Organize it all in your smash bag and get smashing!

IMG_3581 - smash fun

Here’s what I called my smash book: “my everything book”. I didn’t want to call it “my smash book” since that sounded so weird.

Enjoy smashing, and let your creative side shine forth!



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