Chevron Dry-Erase Board

I needed a dry erase board for my room, but could never find exactly what I was looking for. I gave up. And then one glorious day {Actually, it was in my bedroom one dark night.}, I had one of those “light bulb” moments. Why didn’t I make one myself?! So I took the perfect sized picture frame that was rather large {large = perfect sized} and made a pretty backgroud using paper. Ta-da! I was finished.

  IMG_3425 - chevron erase

To make the beauty . . .

Step One: Using a protractor, make 60 degree angles that are one inch wide and intersect at about three inches in length. This is your chevron pattern, and your math problem for the day.

Step Two: Make several sheets of the chevron pattern and glue onto a piece of paper. Add any embellishments, if desired. I added “My Notes”.

Step Three: Frame the chevron paper and start dry- or wet-erasing! It’s easy, fast, and super handy. I love my dry-erase board.

IMG_3422 - chevron erase

Oh, here’s a tip: keep the dry-erase pen nearby by placing it ontop of the picture frame. Easy and done.

IMG_3427 - chevron erase

I tried taking a picture and writing with my left hand all at the same time so please excuse my messy handwriting. Hey! It’s not so bad for a multi-tasking right hander!

IMG_3429 - chevron erase



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