Make a room “pop” with this homemade book cover

This book cover is easy and super cheap to make. It can be “jazzed” up what ever way you want and made to fit whatever book you’re covering.

 IMG_3610 - book cover  

I will say that this tutorial isn’t really practical; that is, this paper book cover isn’t meant for those books that you read often. I made my book cover for a book that I don’t use often enough that the book cover will get in my way. I made this book cover mainly for decorative purposes. The colors I chose were the colors that I wanted “popping out” in my room.

Directions . . . The super easy, peasy directions.

1. Cut the paper to fit the book by laying out the book flat (both flaps open). Measure it to fit by drawing the shape and adding an extra inch to both of the vertical sides of the book. Cut it out. Step one: done.

2. Fold the sides with the extra inch over and tape it to the book.

IMG_3620 - book cover

3. Add any pretty embellishments or paper to the cover. Label the book on the cover so that you don’t forget what book it is underneath . . . unless you already have. Just kidding, I hope.

IMG_3614 - book cover

4. Place the book where ever you want and watch the color pop. It’s amazing what it will do to a room. I love it on my shelf.

IMG_3613 - book cover

I don’t know what is up with the orange paper in this photo. It looks red. It’s not, honest!

IMG_3617 - bok cover

I love that blue vase. It really makes the blue pop.

I like the word “pop.” Don’t you?



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