DIY Legwarmers {from an old sweater}

I love leg warmers. They’re so stylish and cute, not to mention warm! Unfortunately, those fashion boosters aren’t paid with a five dollar bill. I decided to make my own that fitted my budget.

Step one: take an old or too small of a sweater.

 IMG_3297 - legwarmers  

{I know what you’re thinking: “I’ve seen this a thousand times on Pinterest already!” Well, bare with me, please. I like to try things out, too.}

Step two: cut the sleeves off.

IMG_3299 - legwarmers

Step three: tuck the cut side of the sleeve under and pin in place. Sew the fold with a sewing machine.

IMG_3300 - legwarmers

Step four: admire your leg warmers! Wear your leg warmers so that the non-sewn and -cut side of the sleeve is at your feet and the decorated top of the sleeve is peeking out of your boot. Adorable.

IMG_3298 - legwarmers

Wait! I almost forgot. What are you going to do with that cut sweater now? Fold the cut sleeves under, pin, and sew in place. You now have a vest!

IMG_3302 - legwarmers vest



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