snow in april

Cheese Head Country is known for its long winters and heavy snow falls. I know some of you down south are harvesting from your gardens already, but here? The snow is not even gone yet. Nope. In fact, we’re still getting snow! Yuck.

But at last! Spring has {sort of} arrived! It’s been about 40 degrees out here and the snow is melting. I love capri weather.

We’ve gone from over three-feet of snow {NOT exaggerating here!} to grass in some areas in just these past few weeks. Check out the changes:

This picture was taken in early February.

IMG_3469 - snow


IMG_3658 - no snow

I love the difference.

IMG_3473 - snow

IMG_3661 - no snow

Hello, snow!

IMG_3468 snow

IMG_3472 - snow

Good-bye, snow! I do NOT miss you!

IMG_3660 - no snow

IMG_3662 - no snow



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