Being Rustic Cowgirl

Everyone loves a cowgirl. This outfit is sure to get you loved like a cowgirl. All it needs is a cowboy’s hat . . . worn by a cowgirl.

 IMG_3292 - cowgirlstriped outfit

The plaid shirt is accented with polka-dots, so the black-and-white undershirt added a fun combo with patterns. The rustic jean skirt and cowboy boots complete the cowgirl look. The only jewelry added is the necklace so the simple cowgirl outfit is kept simple.

IMG_3293 - cowgirlstriped outfit

Make sure the undershirt sticks out at the bottom for a play in layers: the loose button-up + the fitted undershirt.

IMG_3291 - cowgirlstriped outfit

Plaid + polka-dot button-up – Target

Black-and-white striped undershirt – Old Navy

Jean skirt – Gap

Cowboy boots – Dingo

Necklace – Kohl’s


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