Lace, Jean, and Polka-Dots

Lace and pearls are one of my two favorite accents in the whole world. I also love jean jackets. Oh, and polka-dots. Thus, this outfit was created. Ahem . . . excuse me: this outfit was made. Thank you.

The elegant lace and pearls are paired with the rustic jean jacket and brown boots. Since the outfit was just too serious, the fun, pink, polka-dot skirt completed the look, as well as added a pop of color.

IMG_3290 - denimlacedot outfit 

Lace shirt – Wrapper

Jean jacket – Axcess

Pink, polka-dot skirt – Gap Stretch

Brown boots – Payless

Pearl bracelet – Target

IMG_3287 - lacedenimdot outfit

Oh, and don’t forget to choose between keeping the sleeves of your jean jacket rolled up or left down.

IMG_3288 - lacedenimdot outfit


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