Layering with a Graphic T

IMG_3283 - AE card outfit

Graphic T’s are very basic and can really only be worn with jeans . . . UNTIL TODAY! Pairing graphics with a sweater/cardigan (or just plain layering) is actually extremely cute. Try layering graphics with the following:

  • Sweaters
  • Cardigans
  • Trench coats (or any coat, for that matter. Just make sure it’s left un-buttoned so you can actually see the graphic T.)
  • Jean jacket
  • Button-ups (either under or un-buttoned and over the T)

With this graphic T from American Eagle (if you couldn’t figure it out), I layered it with a cardigan from Miss Chievous.

 IMG_3280 - AE card outfit 

You could either leave the sleeve of the T hidden under the cardigan; or you could show off the graphics on the sleeve, like I did in the picture.

IMG_3281 - AE card outfit sleeve

I just had to play around with the pocket and stick the sleeve in it. Even clothes pose, you know.

IMG_3282 - AE card outfit funS


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