Red Plaid with a Touch of Gold

Plaid button-ups are one of the cutest and funnest and country-est of the clothing world. I LOVE PLAID!!!!! I could live in those button-ups for the rest of my days. Crisp collars, rolled-up sleeves, buttons, and plaid. And plaid. And plaid.

IMG_3255 - redplaid outfit

One of my favorite plaid button-ups is this one from Target. What is up with Target?! I LOVE IT THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!! You wouldn’t think that Target is one of the best places to find clothes, but it is! It’s fun, fashionable, cute, and affordable. No, I’m not advertising, even though it sounds like I am.

IMG_3257 - redplaid outfit  

This outfit is a perfect blend of the browns and the blacks. The golds, reds, and browns in this outfit blend together perfectly, along with a few black accents.

IMG_3254 - redplaid outfit goldB

Red, plaid button-up – Target

Black skirt – Old Navy

Brown boots – Payless

Gold necklace – given to me as a gift from my grandma

Gold bracelets – I won these (It’s a bracelet naming all of the different virtues, so I’m assuming it can be found at some Christian gift shop.)

IMG_3253 - red plaid outfit goldN


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