Pretty and simple and a button-up

This outfit is very spring-y (as in the season, NOT the action!) and beautiful and elegant, and I love it. It would be adorable with a pair of ballet flats to really draw out that spring look, or with a pair of brown boots so that the fall/winter season is twisted into the outfit, as well as drawing out the orange in the skirt.

 IMG_3238 - floral skirt tucken in Outfit

The button-up blouse adds a type of elegance to the over-all outfit. The colors are blended perfectly, as well as the button-up’s and skirt’s pattern. The light stripes in the button-up are a fun twist to the floral pattern in the skirt.

IMG_3240 - tucked in outfit color

The accessories totally complete this outfit. The more rustic “pebble” bracelet is paired with the elegant pearls. The belt completes the look, whether in the colors of black or brown (depending on your shoes. i.e. if wearing brown boots, draw out the brown with a brown belt; if wearing black flats, draw out the black with a black belt; etc.). Just make sure the belt is even noticed by tucking in the button-up.

Button-up blouse – One Step Up

Floral skirt – Target

Belt – came with an outfit from JCPenny (or some other similar store. i.e. Kohl’s, Sears, etc.)

“Pebble” bracelet – thrift store

Pearl bracelet – Target


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