Button-Ups & Sweaters

Button-ups are one of the most versatile articles of clothing out there. They can be worn formal or everyday, tucked in or loose, fancy or casual. They’re worth owning a closet-full! In fact, I do.

One of the cutest ways to wear a button-up is under a shirt or sweater. Pairing the right button-up with the right shirt is as easy as counting to 1-2-3. Here is my best advice for wearing button-ups and shirts/sweaters together:

This red shirt goes extremely well with black-and-white polka-dots. Red + polka-dots go together almost better than cream and coffee. Wait a minute . . . I’m almost second guessing that.

IMG_2585 - Red Polkadot Shirt 

Red, long-sleeve t-shirt – Maurices

Polka-dot button-up – The Limited

Necklace – Kohl’s

Bracelet bangle – Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary Gift Shop

The pink and grey go together very, very well. The itty-bitty stripes in the button-up add just the right amount of detail, for me that is.

IMG_2593 - pink grey top

Pink, long-sleeve t-shirt – Walmart

Grey, striped button-up – One Step Up

Jean skirt – Gap

This grey sweater is the perfect thing for a button-up. The v-neck begs for a collar and the comfy-ness of the sweater screams for the crisp-ness of a button-up. The grey sweater and black-and-white striped button-up result in a very simple, classy look. Wear a brown belt, a funky colored scarf and bottom (skirt, jeans, etc.), and brown boots for a twist in color and style.

IMG_3247 - sweater and grey blouse outfit 

Grey sweater – Gap

Black-and-white striped button-up – Miley Cyrus Maxx

Now for the tiny details. The bottom of the sweater adds a lot of interest. Make sure it’s sticking out for a balance in layers.

IMG_2590 - Red polkadot shirt bottom

The sleeves can either be rolled up, tucked away, or just sticking out. They’re all lovely!

IMG_3251 - grey sweater outfit sleeve


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