Sew It! A Binder Cover

For school, I needed a new notebook. Those binders make a great school supplies holder. You can store everything in them: pencils, notes, paper, multiple folders, papers that are due, etc. But there’s one eensy, weensy problem: binders are SOOOOOOOOO ugly! That’s why I decided to sew my own covering.

Ahem . . . I would like to make an apology: I am very, very, VERY new at this whole sewing business. This is not how you make a binder covering. Let me repeat: NOT! But it works and is very functional, just not as much attractive. I still love it.

Lay down your binder on the fabric and an extra inch to an inch and a half.

 IMG_3160 - measure binder & fabric         

Fold over the edge about a half an inch, pin it down, and sew it closed.

IMG_3167 - sewn edges binder

Lay the folder back down on the fabric and fold the fabric over the binder. Pin it in place and sew. Repeat until all four corners are sewn.

IMG_3187 - pin corner binder

Now we are going to make the inside flaps to the binder. Cut the fabric to match the cut fabric in the picture.

IMG_3189 - Cut flap measured

. . . By the way, the cut fabric in the picture has an extra inch added for folding and sewing and such. It will measure to be the same size as the folder in the end . . .

Fold the fabric edge over a half an inch and pin it in place. It should line up with the folder now.

IMG_3190 - pinned flap

Cut the extra piece of hanging fabric off . . .

IMG_3191 - cut edge flap binder

. . . and sew the folds in place. Now sew it to the edge of the binder’s covered. Repeat the instructions for the inside flaps so that you have one flap sewn to each side of the binder’s cover.

IMG_3192 - sewn flap to binder

Now sew some pockets to the pocket! I made pockets by cutting out a two 6×6″ squares and sewing one to each flap.

IMG_3196 - pocket opened

I made one to be a pencil organizer by sewing the pocket closed vertically and leaving a little less than an inch of space between each pencil organizer. I ended up with five pencil organizers.

IMG_3195 - pencil pocket binder

Make the cover pretty! Here is the template that I used: a weener dog.

IMG_3188 - dog template

Cut out the fabric, pin it to the binder’s cover, and sew it in place.

IMG_3199 - finished binder

You’re finished! You may not have the most professional binder you’ve ever seen, but you do have a functional one. It’s also cute and can be made stylish. Love it – I do!

IMG_3198 - finished binder opened


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