Meet my new best friend

I am a very, very happy young lady. My mom is a very, very happy women. We are very, very, very, very happy.

Our kitchen is a little out-dated. Our oven was put in when our house was built; that was twenty years ago. I hated that thing. Sometimes the burners would work, sometimes they wouldn’t. The oven temperature was off and I didn’t like it. Let’s just put it this way: I did NOT like that oven.

And then, one glorious and beautiful day, we found a basically brand-new Jenn-Air stove on Craigslist. It was beautiful, and I nearly cried when we went to go pick up the stainless steel beauty. No, I didn’t.

Now, I love my new best friend! It’s so modern and pretty . . . oh, and functional!

Here are the comparisons:

Introducing . . . (drum-roll, please)

The ovens!

IMG_3156 - oven

IMG_3153 - new oven

From dirty to shiny and clean!

IMG_3157 - oven stove

IMG_3152 - new oven stove

Look at the difference!

IMG_3159 - oven function

IMG_3155 - oven functions new


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