How To Roll Your Sleeves Like JCrew

I love the way JCrew rolls up their sleeves. Of course, it’s their secret way of looking adorable, and only JCrew’s models and fashion experts know how to do it. I think one of JCrew’s models or fashion experts are on Pinterest and pinned something they weren’t supposed to and now I love them. On Pinterest the other day, I found a pin on how to roll your sleeves like JCrew. Now it’s the only way I roll up my sleeves. In fact, it’s basically the only way I wear my SLEEVES! It’s adorable.

Want to know the secret and be a fashion expert?! Here it is:

Start with a button-up’s sleeve, or what ever shirt’s sleeve you’re rolling up.

 IMG_3243 - roll up sleeves 

Now roll the sleeve once all the way to the spot you want it to reach in the end.

IMG_3244 - roll up sleeves

Take the rest of the sleeve and roll it once until you’ve reached the edge of the first roll.

IMG_3245 - roll up sleeves

The reason why this way to roll a sleeve is so adorable is due to that little bit of extra edge you have sticking out. You can wrinkle it up, you can fold the edge over, you can pin it in place (as done in the picture) – do what ever you like with it! That’s what makes it so much fun.

IMG_3246 - roll up sleeves


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