a candy bar st. valentine gift

Whether it’s St. Valentine’s day or a birthday, this is THE perfect gift.

IMG_3219 candy gift note 

Wrapped to every candy bar imaginable was a catchy note. They were fun to make and fun to come up with.

IMG_3218 - candy gift

Here’s what each candy said:

Milky Way – “You are out of this world!”

Snickers – “No snickers intended . . . you are the best!”

100 Grand – “We wouldn’t trade for you 100 grand!”

Baby Ruth – “Baby, you are wonderful!”

Kit Kat – “You are great, hope you enjoy this Kit Kat next time you take a break!”

M&M’s – “You are Marvelous & Magnficent!”

Butterfingers – “Life is so much butter with you!”

Twix – “This is no Twix… you are the best!”

3 Musketeers – “I love you more than… 3 Musketeers!”

Rieces Pieces – “Out of all the pieces, you are my favorite!”

IMG_3217 - candy gift


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