Revolutionary Craft Organizer

In my last post, I gave hints on how to organize your craft desk, but sometimes it’s just not enough. Sometimes you need more than a few bin and drawers. That’s when you almost have to turn to the ugly stack of plastic drawers to organize your craft stuff.

I said “almost”.

Throw away those ugly drawers and prepare yourself for a fancy schmancy craft room. You know those jewelry organizers that are four-feet tall and have ten drawers in them? You know those big jewelry holders that you wonder who on earth has that much jewelry? You know your big jewelry organizer that you have one drawer filled? Well, start putting that jewelry holder to good use. Put your craft stuff in it.

That’s right; you heard me. It’s a pretty way to hide away the ugly craft stuff that you don’t want to show-off. Here’s how I organize my craft stuff:

For the necklace organizer on the door, I organize my measuring tape there. It works well, and it doesn’t get all tangled with other sewing thread.

   IMG_2815 - craft stand measuring rope

My cut-outs and scissors are in one drawer, and the glue guns, glue sticks, and other adhering products are in another drawer.

This drawer is for future craft use items. These items are not ready to be thrown out, but either need to be repaired or used in a craft.

IMG_2816 - craft stand everything drawer

Here’s my unraveled ribbon drawer:

IMG_2819 - craft stand ribbon drawer

And all of my fabric scraps. I hide all the unattractive scraps in this drawer.

IMG_2818 - craft stand SCRAP drawer

For the drawers with a bunch of organizing boxes in them is where I stash all of my small sewing things.

IMG_2823 - craft stand sewing drawer

Another great thing about the jewelry organizer is the smooth top. The jewelry organizer is a decoration in itself, but make it even prettier by staging items at the top. When it was Christmas time, we put a Nativity set there.

IMG_2814 - craft stand nativity set

I love Fontanini. They’re sooooo pretty.

Happy organizing, everyone!


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