The Craft Room: Organize It!

I have a craft room. Actually, we have a craft house. Our craft room doesn’t quite hold EVERY craft; there are some craft stuff in the closet, some in the school room, some in the kitchen, and some on the floor. Our craft room is another story. It’s a mess; they’re some stickers shoved in one drawer, beads in the sewing machine, fabric pieces in the ribbon drawer, and a cookie in the stamp basket.

I should be saying “was” because one day I decided to clean our craft house. I brought it all into our craft room and organized in there. It’s a true craft room now. I can’t wait to see how long it’ll stay clean.

The craft desk is made up of our sewing machine and baskets of craft supplies.

IMG_2774 - redone craft room whole          

My favorite pens and pencils are put into the coffee mug. Always have your favorites within reach.

IMG_2777 - redone craft room pencil

In the drawers, I have my stickers and templates. It’s best to organize the stickers and label them. I have seasonal stickers, celebrational stickers (weddings, birthdays, etc.), baby stickers, etc. Whenever you need a baby sticker, you know to look in the baby sticker folder! It’s really brilliant.

IMG_2778 - redone craft room sticker drawer

IMG_2806 - craft room book drawer

We own a ton of stamps and cut-outs and stamps. Oh, we’ve got stamps. Stamps are just kind of one of those things that just come out of no where.

IMG_2783 - craft room stamp bin

I have a secret spot in my craft desk. Shhh . . . don’t tell anyone! A wide place is a great spot for beads so that you have a lot of room to clean up spills. It’s also great for all of those wide bead mats.

IMG_2808 - craft room bead

Above my craft desk, I have a craft shelf. I have a vase on this shelf, where I keep all of my knitting needles. It’s a cute and unique way to “show-off” those needles! You know those long wooden skewers that you use for kabobs? They make a great thread and ribbon organizer! Just make sure to have some wide, round something at the bottom of each skewer to stabalize it.

IMG_2810 - craft room vase and thread

Here’s my basket of fabric. You could also use a drawer for fabric, but I like to show mine off.

IMG_2812 - craft room fabric bin

I have another basket of yarn/embroidery floss on the craft shelf. This could also be hidden away in a drawer, but I like to show things off. Can’t you tell?

IMG_2813 - craft room yarn bin

All of the items that can’t fit either on the craft shelf or in/on the craft desk, I place neatly tucked way underneath the craft desk. For instance, my paper bin is large (and kinda ugly!) so I put it underneath.

IMG_2780 - craft room folder paper

Organizing your paper is another good idea so that you know exactly where they all are. Organize by color, pattern, and scraps.

IMG_2781 - craft room open paper folder

Also underneath my desk is my travel craft bag. It’s really just a large sticker organizer, but it works great for traveling with sewing or paper crafts. The different sized slots and pockets work great for being orgaized while you travel.

IMG_2824 - craft room travel bag

I hope this helped your craft mess confusion. Stay tuned for another “episode” of craft organization!


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