For my brother’s 12th birthday, we had a Hobbit themed party. The table was set fancy (That is, fancy enough for a hobbit.) and we all sat around and ate like hobbits. It was fun. Want to share in the fun? Here’s how we did it:

    IMG_2843 - hobbit party's TABLE  

At the table, we had root beer for “beer” bottles.

IMG_2838 - hobbit party root beer

We also had slices of cheese “by the block”. Have you seen the Hobbit The Unexpected Journey? It’s a quote from the movie.

IMG_2830 - hobbit party cheese

There were grapes for the “elf stones”. Try to ask for the “elf stones” when you’re sitting at the table and not the “grapes”. It really is a memory challenge.

IMG_2831 - hobbit party grapes

The goldfish were “Gollum’s Goodies”. The key is not to think about Gollum’s actual goodies in the movie. You might just lose your appetite.

IMG_2832 - hobbit party goldfish

The candied rings were “The Ring of Power”. Place one on your finger before you eat it. *gasp* You’ve disappeared!

IMG_2833 - hobbit party the ring

The elf sandwhich cookies were titled “The Council of Elrond”. It gave a very nice touch to the table.

IMG_2834 - hobbit party council cookie

The bowl of fruit is just the fruit from the hobbit, Sam’s, garden. Thank you, Sam!

IMG_2837 - hobbit party fruit

The guacamole and chips were the “Dead Marshes Dip”. Eeww . . .

IMG_2840 - hobbit party gauc

I think George had a great birthday.

. . . Much of these ideas were taken from random blogs from across the Internet. Thank you so much, random blogs!


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