2013’s best christmas gifts in the kitchen

Here’s another adult version of gifts, but in the food category. When you give chocolates, cookbooks, cooking supplies, you can NEVER EVER go wrong. Here’s the best food gifts of 2013, whether that be a fancy jar of poppy-cock or nuts, or Duck Dynasty’s cookbook, Miss Kay’s Duck Commander Kitchen.

. . . Wanna know a secret? Miss Kay’s cookbook is amazing! It’s worth every penny and HIGHLY recommended . . .

Teas and hot chocolate or coffee mixes are very comforting in the cold winter months. See my post, Easy {& catchy & creative} Christmas Gift Ideas, for some catchy sayings to add to the gifts.

 IMG_3009 - chocolate hot set  

This dip . . . this dip . . . how do I describe this wonderful, heavenly dip? It’s spicy and yummy and addicting and yummy and yummy and yummy . . . and guess what I’m going to say next? Yep, “and yummy.” This dip is yummy (sorry), yummy (sorry) enough to give as a gift. It’s from Wind & Willow and it is called Chipotle Cheddar Dip Mix. Go, buy this dip NOW. You will not regret it; I promise you. It’s SOOOOOOOO yummy.


IMG_3014 - chipotle dip mix

These Mint Dark Chocolate Melts are lovely and divine. They are soft and really do melt in your mouth. The dark chocolate isn’t very “dark.” It tastes more bitter-sweet but is  sweetened with the mint flavored middle. This packet is very big so give it to someone you love very big-ly.

IMG_3031 - CM gift 13 choc. mint melts

Another gift for the chocolate lover: chocolate covered oreos! These could be made at home, but my dad loves the version from the chocolate store in Michigan, Sayklly’s. These are extremely addicting; so addicting that you find even the non-chocolate lover eating these bad boys. On second thought, I don’t think I’ve ever eaten these before. I’m just quoting my dad’s words. He will not share his Christmas gift if it dragged him to his death bed.

IMG_3043 - CM gift 13 oreos

Kitchen utensils and “tool” are very much appreciated for the baker. These mini spatulas are not only cutely festive, but are also very handy! Even the smallest edge in the peanut butter jar gets wiped clean. I love spatulas. They are my absolute favorite cooking utensil ever invented.

Pair the mini spatulas with, again, cutely festive towels for a completed gift. Place in a, again, cutely festive gift bag for the cutest, again, cutely festive gift ever. That is, in, again, cutely festive terms.

IMG_2998 - towel + spatula

Table cloths are very handy and turn your every day, scratched table into a fancy schmancy Christmas Eve meal. Buy the table cloth in, again, cutely festive seasonal prints and colors, or neutral for any time of the year.

IMG_3044 - CM gift 13 tablecloths

I apologize, but I have no Christmas horror for you in this version of gift ideas. Maybe that’s just a good thing.


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