The Best Christmas Gifts of 2013 for the Kiddo

I love Christmas time. It’s so wonderful. It’s beautiful. It’s memorable. It’s anticipatable. It’s Jesus-ful.

It’s sad when the long-awaited day is gone. Thanks be to God, we still have the joy of Christmas within our hearts, and it gets carried with us throughout the year. So why complain if we never live a single day without the blessed “Christmas Spirit.”

Another wonderful thing about Christmas, although not nearly as beautiful as the gift of God Himself, is the joy of the giving and receiving gifts. I am about to share with you the best gifts of our past Christmas for future ideas, whether that be next Christmas or a birthday party coming up.

It’s so much fun to watch the little ones open up their gifts. The little girls squeel as they hug their new doll (What would Christmas be like without getting a doll?!), and the boys yell as they open up their new set of cars. Sometimes kids don’t exactly need more toys: Polly Pockets, cars, doll after doll after doll, remote control helicopter, etc. Here’s a list on what to give the child in your life without buying every toy imaginable which will just be forgotten underneath the bed in a month:

. . . By the way, this list is what my younger siblings got this year for Christmas. This could be a great future use, or for a birthday coming up . . .

This book, Snowmen for Christmas, is very entertaining. I even find myself reading it! The paintings on every page are very well done. Each painting has hidden images that you can find, which makes the book more exciting. The whole story is a poem and the rhyming flows nicely. Collect all three story books!

    IMG_3052 - CM gift 13 snowmen book

Another great book are these puzzle books. Each book is made up of durable cardboard and each page has a puzzle that comes a long with it.

IMG_3051 - CM gifts 13 puzzle book

This last book, the Poke-A-Dot book, is very fun! Your little toddler can poke at the little snapping bubbles that fill each page. Just watch out! Your two-year-old may just get too into it and start driving you up the wall with the snapping noises!

IMG_3070 - CM Gift 2013 Poke-A-Dot

This bib is nice and long, but that’s not the best part! On it has the words, “That’s it! I’m calling Grandma!”

IMG_3036 - Joseph's grandma bib

This gun set is very cool! Teach your ten-year-old to start aiming with the sensing gun and log. Aim at the log’s sensing holes, shoot, and boom! your cans get flung up and fly in the air!

NOTICE! My little one-year-old brother in the background. You don’t have to be just ten to play with this set!

IMG_2999 - shooting set

These bracelet making kits are very “in” and they’re a lot of fun! This kit makes a great gift.

IMG_3062 - CM Gift 2013 Loom bracelet

Well, there’s the best children’s gifts of 2013. Good-bye 2013, and welcome 2014!

Wait a minute . . .

. . . that’s not all of 2013 . . .

Do you want to see something scary? Do you want to see behind the scenes?

Are you ready?

You sure?

Well then, here it is: behind the scenes!

IMG_3007 - CM mess

Scary, huh?


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