A Little Mermaid {tea} Party

This past week was my sister’s birthday. Lexi received the movie, The Little Mermaid, on special edition. She watched it once and fell in love with it. The little girls have already watched it multiple times and walk around singing “Under the sea . . .”.

Since all of the girls have been on a “Little Mermaid” frenzy, our family decided to throw them an Ariel party. It wasn’t just any birthday; it was a tea party. The girls had fun playing mermaid games, eating “mermaid” food, and being Ariel for the day!

Of course, before you hold a party and actually go to one, you must be invited. It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re delivering it through your mailbox or handed out to one of your siblings at home, invitation must be given out formally in a letter.

The formal letter read:

“Lexi, you are fishfully invited to a swimming birthday party ‘under the sea.’ Please enter the sunken ship at 11:00 a.m. for merfolk entertainment.”

             IMG_2482 - Ariel Party Invitation

After invited and excited, the little girls did a little craft. The craft was King Triton’s crown so that they could wear their crowns while they ate in royalty. My sister cut them out.

IMG_2450 - Ariel Party Triton's Crown

Then, they were allowed to decorate them. They sure had a lot of fun putting their own names on the crowns!

IMG_2455 - Ariel Party Decorated Crown

Dignified, the girls walked over to the fancy tea party awaiting them.

The welcome sign read:

“Welcome, merfolk! Come enjoy the feast of a birthday. Welcome to ‘Under the Sea’!”

IMG_2479 - Ariel Party Welcome Sign

The table was set all fancy and formal.

IMG_2457 - Ariel Party Table

Before they could sit down and eat, they had to play a round of musical chairs. This version of musical chairs was inspired by a friend of mine who did this at her party.

You have one chair for each player and a label each of them. Our labels were different characters from The Little Mermaid.

IMG_2465 - Ariel Party Chair Sign

In a hat (or whatever you want to draw the name out of!), make another set of all the chair’s labels. Play some music (If you’re going to do a Little Mermaid party, you just HAVE to play The Little Mermaid’s music!) and stop it, just like you would with musical chairs.

IMG_2477 - Ariel Party Musical Chairs

Once everyone is seated and the music is stopped, draw a name from the hat and whoever is sitting in the chair with label that you drew wins. The prize could either be sitting at the head of the table with the label of “Ariel”, or a piece of candy.

As you can see, the winner was very happy! (Note the girl in the background!)

IMG_2478 - Ariel Party Chair Paper

Once seated, it was time to eat. I warmed up some juice for the “tea” and called it the “special mermaid’s seawater”.

IMG_2468 - Ariel Party Heat Juice

With little BLT’s as the main dish (They were called “fish sandwiches”.), we also had chips and salsa. These were called “the shrimp and marinara sauce”. It is all “sea food” here. If you’re girls enjoy fish unlike my siblings do, go ahead and prepare the actual real deal. It would be way more fun that way!

IMG_2464 - Ariel Party Salsa

There was also fruit salsa and cinnamon chips (made from tortillas, cinnamon, sugar, and butter). This was labeled “seaweed dipped clams”.

Another good seaweed idea is to make spinach-artichoke dip and call it, “seaweed-artichoke dip”.

IMG_2461 - Ariel Party Fruit Salsa

There was peanut butter & chocolate chip cookies. These were “worthy of shark’s bite cookies”.

Since it’s Christmas time, you could also do ginger snaps and label them “worthy of shark’s bite snaps” for a more creative twist.

IMG_2460 - Ariel Party PB Cookie

My favorite was the chocolate-dipped cookie dough sandwiches. We labeled these “sand-filled sandwiches”. I let each girl chose what they wanted the chocolate to be named.

IMG_2463 - Ariel Party Cookie Dough Sandwich

We only had one more game after our tummies were filled: bobbing for apples in “seawater”! It was fun to watch excited girls laugh as they stuck their heads into a bowl of water!

IMG_2525 - Ariel Party Bobbing For Apples

I think Lexi had a great birthday. Happy 6th birthday, sweetheart!

IMG_2459 - Ariel Party Flowers


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