{beaded} Tutorial: A Bird’s Nest Necklace

This is another Pinterest find. I saw a homemade necklace with a bird’s nest as the pendant. As odd as it may sound, it looks adorable! Give it to a little girl, or wear it yourself. This makes a great gift.

This can also be played around with: use different colored wire, different shaped beads, different sized nests all on the same necklace. Use your imagination!

Using your wire, wound thicker at the edges and thin at the bottom so that it resembles a birds nest.

 IMG_2597 - Bird Necklace Nest   

Take some beads (Three is a good number.) . . .

IMG_2602 - Bird Necklace beads

. . . and glue them to the nest.

IMG_2605 - Bird Necklace Nest Glue

IMG_2606 - Bird Necklace Finished Nest

Take a jewelry clasp and clasp it to the nest. Take some string, twine, or other necklace “string” and loop it through the clasp. Tie around your neck or give as a gift. Chirp with delight!

IMG_2608 - Bird Necklace Finished


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