{hand-sewn} Tutorial: Fabric Rosette

I had posted a previous post on how to make a fabric flower. In this post, I am going to introduce you to my friend Fabric Rosette. There really is a difference. The rosette looks like a rose and the flower looks like a flower. Okay, okay, okay; a rose IS a flower. Maybe the differences aren’t too scientifical, but at least they are understandable.

IMG_2567 Fabric Rose Glue Gun

First start with one yard of ribbon or cut fabric. One yard will give you a one inch flower.

 IMG_2560 - Fabric Rose String   

Taking one end, start rolling up the ribbon rightly around the end. Twist it while you are rolling it up.

IMG_2564 - Fabric Rose Twist

Keep rolling until you get to the end. Tuck the end underneath. Take a pin push it through the flower by in at the tucked-underneath end. This will hold it in place until it’s permanently set.

IMG_2565 - Fabric Rose Needla

Take a hot glue gun (Yes, my love-hate relationship friend is the star in this picture. Hot glue guns are just so much work!) and glue the back of the rosette in place. You could also sew the rosette, but gluing is easier in this situation.

IMG_2566 - 1 Fabric Rose Glue

When glued, quickly transfer it to a hair clip and clip the clip into your hair! Voila! You look gorgeous.

IMG_2570 - Fabric Rose


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