{hand-sewn} Tutorial: Fabric Flower

          I love fabric flowers. They’re so versatile. They’re adorable pinned to your lamp, an entire bed spread covered in them . . . or clipped to your hair. Making them yourself is extremely easy and can be very fast when you know how to it correctly. I’ve seen many tutorials with gluing this kind of fabric flower together, but I don’t get it! A needle and thread is so much easier than trying to deal with a hot glue gun!

Do you have this love-hate relationship with a hot glue gun, too? I do. I’m just too lazy to find the gun . . . somewhere, and then plug it in, and then wait for it to heat up. Other than that, I have no good reason why I don’t like hot glue guns.

Here’s the step-by-step tutorial on sewing your very own fabric flower!

First cut out nine circles. Cut them according to how big you want your flower (one-inch circles equals a one-inch flower, etc.). Don’t worry about perfect circles, just make sure that they are all similar in size and shape. You will fix any odd cuts later.

IMG_2539 - Fabric Flower 9 circles

Next find the smallest circle and set it aside.

Randomly take one circle and fold it in half . . .

IMG_2541 - Fabric Flower Half Fold

. . . and fold the half in half so that you have one-quarter of a circle.

IMG_2542 - Fabric Flower quarter fold

Place the folded quarter in one quarter of the set-aside, smallest circle, and sew the quarter on.

IMG_2544 - Fabric Flower Sew Quarter

Repeat the folding step above and place the folded quarter next to the other quarter so that half the circle is covered. Place the quarter so that the flap side is facing the same way as the previous quarter: clock wise.

IMG_2546 - Fabric Flower Sew 2 Quart

Sew on the quarter. Repeat with the rest of the quarter’s until you have four quarters sewed on, which covers the entire circle.

IMG_2548 - Fabric Flower petal layer 1

Now take one of the last four quarters and place it on top of one of the cracks/openings between already-sewed-on, first layer of quarters. Make sure the quarter’s flap is facing the opposite way of the first layer: counter-clock wise.

IMG_2549 - Fabric Flower 1 petal 2 layer

Sew on the rest of the quarters repeating the steps of the second layer above.

IMG_2551 - Fabric Flower 2 layer

No trim any odd cuts noticeable at the petals due to the non-perfectly cut circles.

IMG_2552 - Fabric Flower Trim petals

Flip the flower upside down and trim the bottom surface if it sticking out from under the petals. You want it to be invisible when you look at the flower.

IMG_2553 - Fabric Flower Trim Back

Fluff up the flowers petal so that it resembles a flower, not some absurd, flat, layered circle.

IMG_2554 - Fabric Flower Fluff Up

Glue (Yes, I am using a glue gun.) your pretty flower to a hair clip. You’re done! Enjoy your pretty flower.

IMG_2555 - Fabric Flower Hair

I love this fabric. The flower looks like a candy cane; perfect for Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, do you have wrapping paper everywhere right now? Do you have a very full fridge of Christmas Eve’s and day’s left-overs? Did you (or maybe you still are) enjoying visiting with your extended family?


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