The Best Christmas CD’s of All Time

I made a past post on the some Christmas gift ideas. One of those ideas was a Christmas CD. Here are my favorite Christmas CD’s of all time:

Celtic Woman’s Christmas CD, “A Christmas Celebration”, is a must have. There are many, many songs and all are the most wanted, best loved, yet not often on your average Christmas CD.

IMG_2715 - Fav CM CD STACK

Celine Dion’s CD, “These are the Special Times”, is also a great CD. Some songs can be played year-round, but Celine still has a great supply of Christmas music, both original and her own.

IMG_2711 - Fav CM CD Celine

Faith Hill’s “Joy to the World” is one of the best Christmas CD’s of all time. She has both secular and traditional Christmas songs that are all beautiful. The very last song is her own song, “A Baby Changes Everything”, and is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard.

 . . . This CD is well-loved and much listened to. So, please excuse the rather “rough” looking case. Thanks a million.


IMG_2714 - Fav CM CD Faith HILL

Josh Groban’s popular CD, “Noel”, is very, very pretty. His CD is very traditional but loved all the way through.

IMG_2712 - Fav CM CD Stack

These are my favorite Christmas CD’s. What are yours?

Wishing you a note-ably musical Christmas Eve!

~ Janie


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