decorating the house for christmas

How’s your Christmas preparations going? Ours is going pretty well. We’ve got the house entirely decorated, Christmas music is playing, and gifts are all ready. We’ve already made several different kinds of Christmas cookies, but they were eaten before they got put in the freezer for Christmas day and future Christmas celebrations. Other than that problem, all is going well.

Our Christmas tree is set up and filled with many, many ornaments. In our family, it’s tradition to give each child one ornament every St. Nicholas day. With nine kids and ornaments year after year, our tree is quite full! But it’s full of memories since every ornament has a story to go with it.
The Holy Family:

IMG_2697 - CM Decor Family ornament

Even the Pope:

IMG_2698 - CM decor Pope ornament


On our mantle above our fire place below our crucifex (Can I give any more directions?), sits the family Nativity set. We have lighted evergreen garland in the back of the set to give a nice “background.”

IMG_2691 - CM Decor Nativity side

I love how directly above Christ’s manger is Christ on the crucifex. Baby Jesus isn’t here yet, but He will be put there Christmas day!

IMG_2692 - CM Decor Nativity Family

We even have a Nativity set in our school room. Don’t you just love the letters behind the set? Hehe . . .

IMG_2704 - CM Decor Nativity SCHOOL

We also decorate our house with light . . . in the inside!

From in our kitchen . . .

IMG_2700 - CM decor light kitchen

. . . to the stairs, lights add that perfectly perfect “Christmas cheer” and brightness to the house.

IMG_2694 - CM Decor Stair

How do you decorate your house for Christmas? All we need is a live Nativity with our animals in the barn and we’d be good to go!


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