Easy {& catchy & creative} Christmas Gift Ideas

I promised you that I would give you some great gift ideas, and behold! I am a (wo)man of my word! Here are some gift ideas with catchy sayings for you to use. They were inspired by random blogs (not copied), but especially All Things Thrifty. Love that blog! Brooke is so creative!

. . . (Love your blog, Brooke!) . . .

Here they are!

This one is cute: a Christmas CD and a note attached saying “Wishing you a ‘note’-ably musical Christmas!”. Give it to the musical person in your life, whether that’s your piano teacher, choir conductor, or just that pure music lover.

 IMG_2626 - CM Gift Music CD          

Scarves are in style right now (and I pray they always will be). A scarf is always a great Christmas gift with a card saying “live, laugh, and keep warm”.

IMG_2632 - CM Gift carf

This is my favorite gift! Buy a packet of spearmint mints and attach a cute card: “spread the Christmas spearmint”. Love it!

IMG_2683 - CM Gift Spearmint

Do you know someone who is a book worm? Give a nice edition of Little Women or Little Men with a homemade bookmark and written on it, “have yourself a merry Little Women/Men“. Don’t want to give Louisa May Alcott’s book? With a different book, replace “(wo)men” with “reading” so that the bookmark reads “have yourself a merry little reading”.

IMG_2634 - CM Gift LW OPen

Buy a flower hair clip with a note attached: “deck your hair with clips of flowers”.

IMG_2640 - CM Gift Flower Gift

Another girly-girl gift: buy a ring with a little card along with it: “bells will be RINGing silent night”.

IMG_2674 - CM Gift Ring

I love sewing. A mini sewing kit is always a nice, and cute, gift for the sewer. Write a card with “let it sew” written on the front and a little bag (Sewing bag? Home-sewn bag? A kit for sewing your own sewing bag/purse?) filled with sewing supplies.

IMG_2642 - CM Gift Sew Card

IMG_2645 - CM Gift Sew Kit

In a fancy mug, or Ball canning jar, fill with peppermints and a card saying, “may your days be merry and peppermint-ful”.

IMG_2665 - CM Gift Peppermint Hold

Make your own hot cocoa mix or give a store-bought box and add this cute-ness: “You are the ‘hot’ to my ‘cocoa’!”.

IMG_2669 - CM Gift Cocoa

Oranges are the traditional Christmas gift. Re-live the “good ol’ ” olden days and give a bag of oranges to your friend for Christmas. Replace the price tag with a card: “it is the most orange-filled time of the year”.

IMG_2672 - CM Gift Orange

You know those gold coins you get for St. Nicholas day? Well, give a packet of those with a note: “Instead of coal, you get gold!”.

IMG_2684 - CM Gift Gold

Last, but not least, is a nice picture frame. Either add a picture yourself or replace the window for the picture with a card: “Away in a frame, your picture will be.”.

IMG_2687 - CM Gift Frame

. . . HINT: Sing “Away in a Manger” while you read the card. (Just in case you were stuck.)

Hope these gifts helped you all somewhat. Thanks, Brooke, for the inspiration!

~ Janie


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