Problems December Brings

Sorry I haven’t been posting, all my beloved fans (hehe . . . )! We have limited Internet so shopping for Christmas gifts isn’t a good combo. Everyone had to take a break from our low Internet supply for a few weeks.

Finally, our Internet is back! I can post all the Christmas posts I want . . . and there’s only five days left until Christmas. Well, be prepared for some great Christmas gifts ideas (Sorry, my pride has to come through when I know my gift ideas aren’t too bad!) just a tad late. So, if you’re in a pickle and don’t know what to give that special person in your life for Christmas, look no further!

Other than limited Internet, Cheese Head Country has been extremely cold. With wind, it was -35 degrees here one day (Actually, that was early morning.). Yikes! Get those fires burning!

As you can see, our milking buckets have been frozen . . .

IMG_2398 - Blue Towel Ice Bowl  

. . . as well as our trees . . .

IMG_2535 - Ice Tree

. . . and even our clothes line!

IMG_2537 - Ice close line

It was even so cold at one point that the dog needed to be brought inside. Poor Daisy!

IMG_2414 - Daisy in Cage

Cold life is better now with the warmth of Christmas approaching. I love Christmas. It’s best time of the year: Christmas music is playing, yummy Christmas cookies and treats, gifts are exchanged, everyone can’t help but be all smiles, and it’s Our Lord’s birthday.

Merry “four-days-until-Christmas”, everyone!


One thought on “Problems December Brings

  1. It’s been cold here too! I also love Christmas time. I love the decorated tree & all the Christmas music. We are so anxious to head to WI the day after Christmas to see all our family there. Oh what fun we will have. See what you can do about having nice weather for us!!!! Merry Christmas. Love to all.


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