Sew it! A Patched Elbow

 I love patched elbows. I saw a girl with a patched elbow sweater and thought why I can’t do that myself! I had some lace on hand so I whipped it into a heart and stamped it on. No, actually I cut it into a heart and sewed it onto a shirt. Either way, it’s now on my elbow! Here’s the how-to:

First measure the sleeve and then your elbow. For me, my sleeve was about 22 in. and my elbow hit 11 in.

IMG_2166 - Patched Elbow Measure Arm

And then take the seam and measure 2 in. from it (at least, this is what it was for me. Make sure to mark it on the right side! That is, backwards.

IMG_2169 - Patched Elbow Measure Width

Take your heart, mine was about 4 in. by 3 in., and cut it out. Careful, lace is fragile!

IMG_2171 - Patched Elbow Heart on Lace

Pin the heart on the marked spot.

IMG_2173 - Patched Elbow Lace Heart

And sew it on. To sew, stick on hand through the sleeve and take the hand with the needle and hand sew. Let the hand underneath guide the needle above. This can be a tad difficult, but you’ll get the hang of it.

IMG_2178 - Patched Elbow Close

Repeat with the other sleeve.

Enjoy your beautifully elegant patched elbow! Funny how something as cheap as a patch can look so pretty and sophisticated with lace. I love lace.

IMG_2174 - Me with Patched Elbow black

I don’t know how I got my hair curly like that. Whatever I did I would love to do that again. Don’t you just LOVE when you do those kind of things?!


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