A Purity Ring?

What is a Purity Ring?

A purity ring is a very beautiful thing. It is the making of a promise to stay in purity through out your single life, and entire, especially in the teenage years and when dating. Usually, the father gives his daughter the purity ring and asks her to make the promise of staying pure. He also asks the privilege of giving the approval of the man that comes into her life, both when she dates and before she becomes engaged.

What Should a Purity Ring Look Like?

My ring has jewel in the middle that is shaped like a heart. It is between two small hearts made of small diamonds. Thus, there are three hearts. My dad wanted the number three somewhere within the ring as a symbol of the two family trinities. One is the day of the wedding. The (1) husband and (2) wife make a promise to (3) God. The second is when the couple becomes a family. When the (1) husband and (2) wife have a (3) baby.

IMG_2132 - Ring Clean

How Do You Give a Purity Ring?

The daughter should be mature enough for it, about thirteen but it all depends on the maturity. A purity ring is typically a formal event; it’s not casually handed to the daughter. If you’ve watched Courageous (Psst… That movie’s great! Highly recommended!), you know how to give your daughter her ring. It’s done in surprise; the daughter has, or at least should, no idea what is going on. Go to a nice restaurant and have a nice dinner with JUST you and your daughter. Suddenly, pull out the ring and ask her to keep a promise of purity. Tell her how much she means to you; so much that you want to protect her soul.

Why Wear a Purity Ring?

1. Purity – Obviously, a girl wears her purity ring for purity.

2. A Promise – It’s a promise to keep purity, not just a “I said…” conversation. A promise that you keep, or very much should.

3. A Reminder – The ring is a reminder of the promise of purity that you made. Every time you look at it, it should remind you to never break that promise.

4. Strengthening Relationship – Just think how much your dad loves you to give you this! To care so much to make this special promise so that you can keep your soul! The ring should also be a reminder of the love your dad has shown.

5. Respect – You’re (hopefully) not going to be flirted with or just playfully dated by any boy. The boy should realize how much you care about the vocation of marriage and that it is no game. He can see that you respect the vocation; thus, he should respect you.

6. Visual Sign – Others will see that you respect that vocation of marriage. Thus, it is a witness to others that purity is a gift that is not meant to be given away.

7. A Gift – Keeping your purity and saving it for your future husband is a gift to him. Not only is it a gift to your future husband, but also a gift to God.

Which Hand? Which Finger?

Which hand should you wear your ring on? Which finger? People usually wear their ring on the ring finger, but the hand is mostly the problem. Although it doesn’t seem right to wear your ring on your left hand’s ring finger, it is a possibility. In fact, the purity ring is typically worn on that finger and hand. This is totally a free choice decision. Read the following “pros and cons” of wearing your ring on the “marriage finger” and make the decision for yourself.


1. Purity Ring Signifies Marriage – You’re wearing your ring for purity before marriage. It should make sense that to wear the ring on the married finger because that is what it signifies.

2. Different Ring – You are not wearing a wedding ring. Your purity ring shouldn’t look like a wedding ring. People can probably make the assumption for themselves that you are not married, especially when you’re at the younger age.

3. More Visual – Just as visual as wearing your ring on another finger or hand is, it’s even more so a witness to others to wear your ring on the married finger. People will question or make assumptions for themselves that you’re not married but staying pure. People may think that you’re wearing your ring as jewelry if it’s on any other finger besides the married finger.

4. More Respect – A boy will realize how much you care for this promise by seeing what finger you wear your ring on. He will also understand why you wear it on what finger that you do since you’re not married.

5. Interest – You will be getting the perfect man: one knows and is interested in you. He knows you well if he knows you are not married but you wear a ring on the married finger. He should also know why you wear the ring – purity. If a man was truly interested in you, he would find out if you’re married or not.


1. Mistaken for Marriage – When you get older, you just might be mistaken for being married. A solution to this could be when you get to a certain age (~16-17 years old), you can change the hand on which you wear the ring.

Thanks, Daddy, for giving me this special gift! I love you!

❤ JL


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