Re-Do Your Laundry Room Closet

What do you think of laundry? I honestly think it’s an art. To be able to keep up with it, fold everything correctly, and then just getting the clothes to the washing machine is all pure talent. I think there must a virtue out there called “laundry”. And it must be an infused virtue. Why? Because Moms are the only ones good at it. God must infuse the virtue of laundry at the moment of the couple’s vows. Is this just too deep? I’m sorry; we can move on.

If you’re part of a big family, you know what I mean. Laundry here, laundry there, laundry is everywhere! (I love poetry) Especially if you have little ones, laundry can be a challenge. That’s when my mom’s brilliant mind comes in. Since the littles have such a problem putting their laundry away and such, my mom brought their wardrobe to the laundry room! It’s brilliant.

The younger ones get their clothes in the laundry room’s closet, bring it into the bathroom next to the laundry room, and change. Then they bring their dirty clothes to the dirty clothes basket in the room. When it’s time for laundry, my mom just takes the dirty clothes from the basket and throws them in the wash. When wash is done, the drawers are right there waiting for the clothes to be put away. It’s a beautiful system.

Here’s the closet:

IMG_2065 - Laundry Closet Half 

The big drawers contain the big girls’ clothes; whereas, the small drawers are for the little toddlers. The extra small drawers are the home to the socks and such.

IMG_2077 - Laundry Closet Small Drawers

The big girls’ drawers are organized by shirt and skirt…

IMG_2073 - Laundry Closet Shirts and Skirts

And another drawer for the play dresses and pajamas. Just giving you ideas on how to organize. Sorry, am I getting boring? Well, then… Carry on!

IMG_2075 - Laundry Closet Dress and PJs 

On top in baskets, we have non-seasonal clothing (shorts for underneath dresses, swimsuits, etc.). The bottom baskets are the seasonals (tights, leggings, etc.).

IMG_2079 - Laundry Closet Bins

And then we have the fancier dresses hung up.

IMG_2070 - Laundry Closet Hanging Dress

And here we have Duke. He decided to pay me a visit while I was cleaning the windows in the laundry room.

IMG_2080 - Duke in Window

No, he’s not a part of the laundry room. He’s too big to be organized.



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