How To: Milk a Cow by Machine

How To: Milk a Cow by Machine

First start with your warm water for cleaning. In one 1 quart bucket, fill with warm water and a dish cloth towel. In the other 1 quart bucket, fill with warm water and 2 tablespoons/one eighth of a cup/one ounce of udder wash.

Now clear the milking stall of the dirty bedding (We use woodchips.).


DSCI1795 - 01 milking black

After a clearing the stall, call the cow to the clean stall and hook her up so she can’t get away. Keep her occupied with dairy grain, which also helps her milk production.

Sprinkle heavily with fresh bedding while the cow is eating her grain. Make sure to thoroughly cover the dirty ground where the milking stuff is laid down.

DSCI1805 - Milking 1 black


Now take your non-soapy water with the washcloth in it, and scrub the teats.

DSCI1808 - 2

Make sure to really scrub away the manure!

DSCI1809 - 3

Now dip the towel in the warm water again and massage udder. Repeat the step again.

DSCI1811 - Milking 4

Now take the soapy water bucket and dip a dairy towel into it. Wass the teats with the soapy towel.

DSCI1815 - Milking Wet Wipe

Strip the teats a few times to check for mastitis. Good job, Darcy! No mastitis milk clumps.

DSCI1813 - Milking Strip

Since the milk at the end of the teats could have been full of manure (another reason why you strip), take another dairy towel and dip it in the soap solution. Wash each teat.

Now take a dry dairy towel and dry each teat.

DSCI1816 - Milking Dry

Now bring the milk machine over and hook it all up. Make sure that the metal switch is facing the hose. (see the picture of the milk machine below)

Hold the milk suctions in your hand like so:

DSCI1817 - Milking Hold

And hook up the machine. For the easiest hook up, first lift the back left sucker and place it on the left back teat, followed by the front left teat, and then the back right teat, and finally the front right teat. While this whole process is take place, make sure you pinch down, or bend down, the other teat cups that are waiting to get hooked up. This is so you don’t lose pressure.

DSCI1818 - Milking Put On

Now hold the milk machine like the picture below the entire time your cow is getting milked. This is safety reasons. For example, if your cow kicks it off, you lose pressure, etc.

DSCI1819 - Milking Hold On

When the milk is almost done it should like this: barely any milk coming out. Compare it to the picture above.

DSCI1822 - Milking No Milk

When the milk starts to slow down, pull slightly on each of the teat cups. The pressure will increase during this process so that more milk gets let down. Just be careful not to pull too hard so that you pull the cups off! Though, this is very unlikely since you have to pull so hard.

DSCI1821 - Milking Pull Down

Now turn off the metal valve/switch by facing it away from the machine with one hand….

DSCI1824 - Milking The Tank

And take off the cups with the other hand. Be sure to do this fast so that the cups don’t fall on the ground!

 DSCI1823 - Take Off 

Now strip again until barely or no milk is able to be squirted out. Give the milk to the hungry barn cats.

Unhook your cow and bring the milk machine to the house to pour the milk.

DSCI1830 - Milking Go Home

To see how to finish pouring and washing the machine, see my post, “How To: Wash a Milk Machine”.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial, folks! Please thank the two best brothers, John and George, for doing so much work around here!


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