Tour Polk-a-Dot Farm

Introducing… The farm! Where you view everything from the barn itself to the Jersey cow we love. Enjoy the tour!

First we have the barn. The lovely polk-a-dot barn. No, it’s actually red. And there’s nothing girly about it. But that’s okay because it’s the traditional red. Traditional red is pretty.

The Barn & Sun - Cropped

Next we have Darcy – our beloved, best Jersey cow that has ever “moo’d” on the face of this earth. I am not exaggerating. She’s pretty – pretty sweet. Lotsa milk, lotsa cream, and lotsa love.

Psst… For those of you who have never seen any good movies and can’t figure out Darcy’s name, it’s from Pride and Prejudice after Mrs. (Elizabeth) Darcy. Never seen it? Go to bed and don’t get up until you’ve watched it. Your life just isn’t worth living.

Darcy - Tried-To-Crop

Next we have Darcy’s six-month-old calf – Collins! He’s so cute he’ll end up being the key to your heart. Darcy and I fight over Collins; arguing whether he’s mine or hers. My point is that I bottle-fed him and love him. That’s enough to make him mine. Oh, I forgot to mention that he’s a meat cow. My love will unfortunately be on my plate. Oh! How I will hate my hamburger!

Collins-Boy! - Cropped

If you like sheep, than you will like our sheep… because they’re sheep! Actually, they are not even “normal” sheep. Believe it or not, there’s actually sheep with hair instead of wool. And, guess what?! These sheep are called hair sheep. *GASP* These type of hair sheep – Katahdin Sheep (Don’t ask me how you say it; ask my mom.) – shed their hair so that there’s no need for shearing. Mind blowing. And un-back breaking. And they’re absolutely, insanely adorable. Gotta love it.

The Sheep - Cropped

Then there’s the thirty hens. And the free-range ducks, which are around here… somewhere.

The Hens - Cropped

Last but not least, there’s the pets. Oh! How we love our pets! First there’s the barn cats. Cheetah, the mama, is the best mouser that still has her nine lives. I’m not even going to go into detail of what she’s caught. I am very thoughtful. Becky (my sistah!) is the cat person around here.


 IMG_1945 - Sam

Then there’s the dogs. OH! How we LOVE our dogs! Any (pure-bred and registered) Golden Retriever lovers out there? Well then, high five! Do you breed? We will. Don’t get your dogs anywhere else besides the Polk-a-Dot Farm!

The female is loving, fiesty, energetic Daisy. Ah! What a sweetie!

Daisy - Cropped

Next it’s Duke – the male. He’s as loving and adorable as a dog can get. We love the Duke; and so does George – Duke’s owner.

IMG_1875 - Duke


Well, that ends the tour, folks. Hope you enjoyed it!

Wait… No, no it doesn’t. If I gave a tour of the farm and left out my dad’s baby, he’d kill me! No, he wouldn’t. But what is it with farmers and their tractors? Golly! I’m SO glad us women don’t get attached to stupid things. Aren’t you?

Here it is: the tractor! May she work well and do no harm for the rest of her days.

Dad's Tractor - Cropped

Oh, and Dad told me to say that is a great picture of the beauty. You know, bucket lifted, at an angle, and all. I just had to let you know.


7 thoughts on “Tour Polk-a-Dot Farm

  1. What a great tour, enjoyed it and looking forward to more. Sure is a nice bunch of critters, they all look like they are loved and well taken care of. Love the dogs, they are beautiful and looking forward to seeing adorable puppies someday. Keep up the great work. Love you grandma


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